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All-New Bamboo Rewards Program

The more you deliver, the more you earn - each delivery entitles you to 1 bamboo point. Level up through the tiers and the higher your tier, the more exciting your prizes will be! Join our rider community and bring on your A game today.

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Ride with a peace of mind

PandaRide is a joint initiative between foodpanda and insurtech Igloo to ensure our riders are kept safe from harm whenever they are out for delivery. We provide Third Party Liability and Personal Accident insurance coverage.

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Additional benefits you can look forward to:

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Attractive Incentives

On top of our attractive Surge Fees, make additional earnings with our New Joiner and Weekly Quest incentives. Any tips you receive goes straight to your rider wallet. Refer a friend to us and be rewarded too!

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No vehicle? No worries.

We offer free bicycle rentals with SG bikes and affordable e-bike installment plans with Convertt.

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Equipment Delivery

Get your equipment set conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Students get to enjoy a 50% discount off the normal price when you flash your student ID for verification at our hubs.

Some things you'll need:

  • An iPhone 4s (or newer) or an Android Phone (4.2 or newer)
  • Motorbike, Car/Van, Bicycle, e-bike or walkers are all welcome
  • Be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident and to be 18 years old or over.
  • Any bank account based in Singapore
  • Documents you need to bring along if you're intending to walk-in & apply at hub: IC, driving licence (if you're signing up as a Car/Van/Motorbike rider), PAB registeration letter and PAB test result certificate (if you're signing up as an e-Bike rider)

Your fellow Riders

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Poe Ei Kyaw

Delivering with foodpanda helped me finance my education as a university student at NTU. In my opinion, foodpanda pays more than double your typical F&B and retail part-time jobs. As a rider, I had the flexibility to finish school, pursue my passions and earn a side income.

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Norazhar Bin Abdul Rahim

I was working as a Concierge Team Leader for a 5-star resort before I decided to make the switch. As a rider, I’m proud to be one of the frontliners during a global pandemic. I also have the free time to take up new hobbies such as venturing into the financial markets.

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Start delivering with foodpanda today.

For more information, please visit: https://pandariders.sg or drop by our West Hub at 818 Upper Bukit Timah Road from Monday - Sunday, 9.30am - 1.00pm & 2.00pm - 6.30pm